Poetry collection


Celebrating the River Avon

Deadline: 30 September 2021

What does the River Avon mean to you?

The ecological importance of river habitats is clear.

However, as part of our application for bathing water status, we would like to highlight the cultural importance of the River Avon too. Why does it deserve protection? What does it mean to us?

Does it offer you a place to reconnect with nature and encounter wildlife? Is it where you learn, discover, explore, train, play, unwind, feel, ruminate, heal, or create? Is it where you socialised during a year of social distance? Is it a venue of contested heritage, of statue toppling, and history-making? Perhaps you even live on the river.

We would love to hear your thoughts and musings in the form of poetry.

The poems will be included as an appendix to our application, and some may be included in an edited collection, or e-collection, later in the year!

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Submission Guidelines

We encourage submissions from all ages, including children.

THEME: Poems should relate, in some way, to the (Bristol) Avon. However, it can be any stretch of the river, not just Conham!

FORMAT: Please submit no more than three poems as a Word, Pages or PDF document. You may also include an accompanying illustration or photograph, should you wish, in PNG, JPEG or PDF format.

Please include your age and name (as you would like it to appear).

Email submissions to conhambathing@gmail.com by 30 September 2021 (midnight).

Please note that your poem will be included in an application submitted to DEFRA, which will be made publicly-available. It may also be selected for an edited collection later in the year.